step by step how to use site

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step by step how to use site

Post  DAZ GERS on Sat Jan 31, 2009 10:13 am


Applying for a job:
go to job offers either league 1 , 2 ,3 ,4 and all topics without a padlock are available jobs. Request for the job when i accept it u will be that teams manager .

Find ure stats and budget:
to find ure transfer budget players in and players out go to manager/team stats

To buy players:
put a message on transfer market or through xbl with ure offer and once u and the other manger have agreed terms type the terms in in transfer confirmation

Using bought players:
to use players u have purchased through the site within fifa go to manage teams then go to tranfers put players u have bought in ure team and take out players u have sold

Basic info:
You play one game a week

you go to fixtures and look at your team and see who you are playing

go to manager/team stats and get the gamer tag of your opponents manager.

add him on XBL

arrange a game through play a friend on fifa before the deadline which is normally the friday of that week

After that :
Post the score in league results

If u have problems arranging the game or any other questions message me on XBL : DAZ GERS


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