real madrid manager= ii tommy dee ii

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real madrid manager= ii tommy dee ii

Post  DAZ GERS on Wed Jan 21, 2009 1:34 pm

name= i be epic fail

budget = 47 million

Players in = Inzaghi(straight swap), Drogba(18m), Xavi(snieder) Skrtel ((straight Swap). Ribery (15m Diarra), J.Cruz(straight swap), M.Ballack (16m), Anelka (swap+8m),Toni(swap+15m) deco (swap)

players out = Guti(8m), Snieder(xavi + 5m), Saviola (straight swap), Heinze (straight swap) Diarra (Ribery +15m) Raul (10m), Van Nistelroy (straight swap), Drogba(swap+8m),Deco(13m),Inzaghi(swap+15m) deco (10 m ) robben (swap )

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